Our vision

Our mission is to build the largest academic worldwide community, bringing together top-notch academics from different cultures and countries, where they can find growth, inspiration, acknowledgement and the best development opportunities in their field.

"Providing elite students with world-class opportunities!"

Our mission for students:

  • This is a place where you can share thoughts, opportunities from the university you attend and academic work with students just like you, with great interests, passion for learning and drive to succeed
  • Students can find here courses, lectures, lab work and academic paper works of well-known professors from world-top universities
  • Get in touch with academic opportunities and even jobs offered by top companies around the world looking for students with a perfect academic record
  • The platform provides a wide range of resources for learning and getting prepared for exams, presentations, academic conference papers and so on

Our mission for teachers:

  • We provide a platform where you can share your work and your scientific discoveries, where you can get in contact with teachers and students around the globe for whom your academic work actually makes a difference
  • Get known and find students that are interested in academic opportunities such as: helping you on your academic projects, applying for an assistant position, signing in for national or international Olympiads and other world championship competitions, helping in organizing different kind of competitions and events for your university
  • You can get instant feedback from people in your field of study

Our mission for headhunters:

  • Imagine a place where you can actually find the top students from the top worldwide universities, with perfect academic background, that can’t wait getting an internship or a job at your company
  • MAGNA CUM LAUDE offers a platform where you can get to know the top students around the world, see their academic results and ranks they got from the teachers they got in contact with, find out more about their passions and the fields of study they are interested in
  • More important: the platform provides you the means of getting in contact with them